Passport to Knowledge

Sometimes students don’t even realize how much information about a previously unknown topic they have absorbed over the course of 10 weeks.  It is important to remind them of this fact and encourage them to spread their knowledge to others at the WOW!  A great way to encourage all students in participation is to provide them with a WOW! Passport.  Think of it as a sort of checklist they take around with them and fill out as they experience the knowledge sharing of other WOW!s at your event.

The passport can be as simple or complicated as you like.  A simple version may act more as a checklist to make sure students are visiting each of the other apprenticeships on display.  Leave a small space on the passport for them to write down their general reactions to the WOW!  An example of this passport can be viewed here.

A more directed passport may contain specific questions that relate to each different WOW!  This will ensure that students pay attention to the details of the other apprenticeships in order to answer the question posed.  After they have filled an adequate answer, they receive a stamp of approval.  An example of this passport can be viewed here.

Also, it always helps to add some incentive for students to fill out their entire sheet.  Maybe you can offer them a chance in a raffle if they fill it out in its entirety and hand it in.  Of course, it doesn’t always have to be some material prize, be creative!

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