Guest Weeks: Lessons 4 and 5

What is Guest Week?

During your apprenticeship, you will bring in a guest to 1) enhance student learning through interaction with knowledgeable adults and bring your subject matter alive 2) engage more community members in investing in student achievement 3) if each Citizen Teacher could reach one future Citizen Teacher, our students would have a real second shift of educators.

When is Guest Week?

Guest Week is Week 4 or Week 5 of your apprenticeship. This is the optimal time to add variety and excitement to your apprenticeship before big WOW! preparation. Remember, in addition to Guest Week, you may bring a guest at any time and as many times as you’d like throughout your apprenticeship!

What role can my Guest play?

  • Speaker, performer with expertise in the subject you’re teaching
  • Feedback provider for your students’ work (writing coach, public speaking coach, audience member, test subject)
  • Participant in an activity (judge, referee, moderator, help a student team)
  • All Guests should observe and participate in the complete lesson

Who should be my Guest?

  • Colleague (especially if you are volunteering through your employer/organization)
  • Friend or family
  • Community member, subject matter expert (*Note: Your Director of Civic Engagement or your campus staff can help you connect with a great Guest if you need assistance)
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