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SHOUT OUT: Jennifer Litton teaches Genetics!

SHOUT OUT to Citizen Teacher Jennifer Litton, physician at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Research Center teaching Jane Long students all about genetics! Apprentices have been learning about careers in the medical field, DNA, and pedigrees through hands-on activities and guest speakers. Jennifer has led her apprentices to success and the group is preparing for their WOW! at the Houston City-Wide WOW! on December 14th! Continue reading

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SHOUT OUT: Citizen Teacher Lonny Stern teaches Robotics

Over the course of the semester, Texas Citizen Teacher Lonny Stern from Skill Point Alliance has been turning Kealing apprentices into programmers, engineers and researchers to design robots to navigate around obstacles. The future engineers and scientists are also researching how biomedical engineering can improve emergency room procedures! Their findings will be revealed at the STEM WOW! on Thursday, December 9th. Continue reading

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Video: New Mexico Citizen Teacher Kathy Lopez-Bushnell teaches Rescue 2020

Check out this video from New Mexico Citizen Teacher Kathy Lopez-Bushnell’s apprenticeship where Wilson apprentices are learning how to assess vital signs, administer first aid and CPR, about fitness and nutrition, and risk assessment and health. Note in this video … Continue reading

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SHOUT OUT: Massachusetts Citizen Teacher Tony Helies teaches students how to measure the solar system

Massachussetts long-time Citizen Teacher and Principal of Helies and Company Tony Helies is back for his 13th apprenticeship teaching Irving Middle School students how to measure the solar system! This past week, Tony demonstrated for apprentices how to measure the sun from the school’s parking lot. The parking lot was full of excitement as the aspiring astronomers learned to measure the relative size of the sun using shoe boxes and rulers. In December, the astronomy apprentices will present hand-made models of the solar system to physicists at the University of Massachusetts—Boston. Continue reading

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SHOUT OUT: Citizen Teacher Guillermo Tilley goes the extra mile

Vargas Middle School, but he’s creating awareness for Citizen Schools through an artisan website he’s affiliated with in Santa Fe! Guillermo has been teaching the Noticing Yourself: Art and Movement through Self-Discovery apprenticeship this Fall. Students have been working on self portraits and using different artistic mediums to answer questions about themselves as individuals. For example, drawing their fears, and then drawing a coping mechanism for those fears.

Apprentices will present their projects at the WOW! Showcase at the Farmer’s Market Pavilion on December 10th from 5:30-7:30 pm. Mark your calendars! SHOUT OUT to William for going the extra mile!
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SHOUT OUT: Citizen Teachers Judge Mazzone and Judge Meaney hold students to high expectations

SHOUT OUT to Citizen Teachers Judge Jeff Meaney & Judge Marty Mazzone from Fidelity Investments Legal Department for holding McCormack apprentices to high expectations and making a court room out of a classroom! Every apprenticeship lesson begins with calling the court to order and from that point on, students are expected to follow the rules of the court. Words like defendant, evidence and libel aren’t going to scare McCormack students away because they use them every week in Mock Trials!

From the McCormack staff and students:

“Thank you for your dedication and commitment to our future lawyers! It’s clear how much you care about our students by the individual attention you give to each student every week! Thank you!”

Apprentices will argue their case in front of a real judge and jury of community leaders at Moakley Federal Courthouse in Boston on December 7th.
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SHOUT OUT: NJ CTs Petr Vachal, Ronald Hendrickson, Jim Tata, and Gary Kath

NJ CTs and employees at MERCK Research Laboratories Petr Vachal, Ronald Hendrickson, Jim Tata, and Gary Kath are teaching Martin Luther King, Jr. apprentices about the power of solar energy and how to build their own solar powered cars. Apprentices will challenge Ivy Hill apprentices to a race in the Grand Prix for the WOW! in addtion to presenting a short clip of how solar cars run and how they chose the names for their cars!
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Video: CT Katie Berlent in action

Check out this video clip of Massachusetts CT, Katie Berlent teaching “Listen Up” at the Gavin Middle School. Katie has been working with her apprentices this semester to understand and appreciate all forms of music, helping them to communicate how music touches their lives through written critiques using music terminology and encouraging students to form respectful, thoughtful opinions.
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SHOUT OUT: Sol Lederman teaches Mad Math Magic in New Mexico

SHOUT OUT to New Mexico Citizen Teacher and computer programmer Sol Lederman teaching De Vargas Middle School apprentices how to perform mathematical magic tricks which they’ll teach back to their peers for the WOW! Check out Sol’s “Wild About Math” blog to learn more about the apprenticeship and check out some engaging math videos that you could share with your apprentices. One video shows a house made completely out of legos!
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SHOUT OUT: New Mexico Citizen Teacher Jason Jaacks teaches filmmaking at De Vargas Middle School!

Cordillera Productions has teamed up with Citizen Schools at the De Vargas Middle School to create REEL YOUTH STORIES. Continue reading

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