Video: Students Learn what it Takes to go from Boyz to Men

This past semester, I had the pleasure of co-teaching a team of students at the Orchard Gardens K-8 School in Roxbury, MA, in a class on what makes a man, a man. My colleague, Jon Hinthorne, and I talked with the young men about real issues in their lives like violence, leadership, teamwork and love, and how a man faces those issues. Watch the video below to hear what our young men have to say about the experience.


The young men in the class are trying to spread the message to as many people as possible and would appreciate you taking a few seconds to share the video with your respective networks. Thank you!

About marquis

Marquis Victor is a second year Teaching Fellow ready to help launch Citizen Schools at the Orchard Gardens in Roxbury, MA. Enrolled in the Out of School Time MEd program at Lesley University, Marquis’ passion for helping inner city youth tap into their potential – especially through creativity – and hone the right skills and knowledge to succeed pushed him to join the fellowship. Growing up north of Boston and graduating from Salem State University, where he captained the basketball team his senior year, the spoken word poet is on the verge of launching an art-based business called Elevated Thought Productions that is in line with the vision of art morally revolutionizing the world.
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